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Who we are
Who we are

The ViP Suite is open constantly, all over the year, so that visitors can enjoy the unique atmosphere of the region in every season, to taste its excellent cuisine, enjoy the intense cosmopolitan nightlife and visit the numerous attractions nearby, which are known for their historical value and natural beauty.

Among the advantages of Arachova, lies the priceless hospitality of its inhabitants and its untouched by time traditional color.

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It offers comfort, safety and luxury accommodation in a standalone private independent high quality apartment and not in a common room, which is especially important in the winter, where the homely warmth is a core wish of the guests, either families with children or couples and group of friends who need to enjoy together the privacy and autonomy – unique elements that make us stand out – with hotel quality services, but also those of traditional hospitality.

The ViP Suite, built inside a rock, is located in a magnificent location with panoramic views from all floors, inside the beautiful and unique landscape of Delphi, being just 2 minutes away from the famous restaurants of the region and Super Market AB. It is next to the road leading to Delphi and Ski center, combining a convenient and safe access, holding a bunch of amenities and being away from the noise of Arachova just 7 minutes’ walk from the historic center.

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